Services for expat families whishing to settle in Amstelveen.

Amstelveen has a lot to offer! There are many expat families in Amstelveen from different countries all over the world. 

Child therapy for expat children in Amstelveen

Of course you can find child therapy in Amstelveen at "Kindertherapie Amstelveen" (which simply means Child therapy Amstelveen). The therapy I give is called integrative child therapy and it is very effective. There is no waiting list. Contact me via the contact form on the right or send an email to

Looking for other services for expats and expat children? Below you will find a summary of links to some essential services for expats. Click on the images for a link to the websites.


Jobs for expats in Amstelveen

The Undutchables is an agency specialised in high level jobs for foreigners in The Netherlands.

Undutchables for expat jobs in Amstelveen

Undutchables for expat jobs in The Netherlands



Schools for expat children in Amstelveen

There are several international schools in the Amsterdam/Amstelveen area. The International school of Amsterdam is located in the south of Amstelveen.

International School in Amstelveen for expat children

International School in Amstelveen for expat children


Amsterdam hosts both the British School and the Amsterdam International Community School. For the French there is the Lycée Van Gogh.  



International school for expat children Amstelveen

International school for expat children Amstelveen and Amsterdam

British school in Amsterdam

British school in Amsterdam for expat children


Lycee Francais Amsterdam

Lycee Francais Amsterdam



Other services for expats in Amstelveen

A website where you will find a lot of information for expats is the site of the expat centre. Another useful site is the Expatica site.



Expat centre Amstelveen

Expat centre for Amsterdam and Amstelveen



Expatica information for expats in Amstelveen


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